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Patio Oeste | Restauracion | Hotel Casa Morisca

The west bay had undergone a major transformation closing the upper gallery and converting its tiled roof on terrace, remains the eaves and bow high living are observed. At the front of the lower hall was had added a tiled plinth and plasterwork completed.

It has opened the upper gallery regaining its original appearance, with Arab-tile roof and eaves. Removed the socket and plasterwork added to the main entrance. Has reconstructed the pool which appeared in archaeological excavations and retaining some of its original pavement



Patio Este | Restauracion | Hotel Casa Morisca

Had blinded the incorporating them to homes, as corridors, bathrooms or kitchens galleries.

Were released galleries, recovering balustrades, studs and pads. By removing the enclosures has been able to eliminate the column with supplements that had been placed in the works of transformation of the late nineteenth century.


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Balaustrada | Restauracion | Hotel Casa Morisca

The elimination of the enclosures of the galleries reveals balusters and uprights with their shoes.

Have been preserved and treated with antixilófagos products all woody elements of the galleries.


| Almatraya | Balaustrada | Esquina-Patio | Fachada | Patio-Este | Patio-Oeste

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