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Hotel Casa Morisca, Boutique Hotel in Granada

Hotel Casa Morisca is a Boutique hotel in Granada situated in the heart of Granada, Albaicin. It is undoubtedly one of the best hotels rated by users, in addition to repeatedly recognized as the "best boutique hotels in Granada".

Morisco is the name given to the Muslims who stayed on in Granada after the conquest of the city. by the Catholics Kings. in 1492. The "morisco" artisans built some houses making use of materials and ornaments traditionals in their architecture, for example: plaster molds, arches, wooden ceilings, and other elements (gothic and renaissance) that began to arrive from other parts of Europe.

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The hotel Casa Morisca, offers acommodation with a unique ambiance ina an old house dating back to the end of the 15th. century, carefuly restored by Carlos Sanchez, a renowned architect from Granada.

The patio preserves its original morisco pool and on all four sides there are galleries supported by pilasters and columns. This ancient interior, was given a new street façade in the 17th. century. All the magic and charm of the Alhambra are reflected in Morisco houses and can be enjoyed here.

The breakfast room has an impressive barrel vault of brickwork and the patio garden is a delightful place to have a drink while enjoying a superb view of the great Comares Tower of the Alhambra.